• First Time Visitors Guide

First Time Visitors Guide

As a first time visitor, we understand how overwhelming it can be to step into a new church.  Here’s what to expect:

  • Any neat clothes are fine: some people dress up and some dress down.  Shorts and jeans are OK, so is dressing up.
  • Park anywhere in the lot behind the church or along Flower Street.
  • Enter through the center courtyard to the wooden double doors.
  • Grab a bulletin in the entryway and say hi to the greeter.
  • Sit anywhere.
  • Children are very welcome in the service.  Their noise and motion is life in action.  Miss Bernie will be on the lookout for very young children to babysit should you wish.  Children through junior high may come to the front of the church for the “Message for all ages” and then go to Sunday School for the rest of the service if they are comfortable doing so.
  • GLBTQ+ people are fully welcome.  Really.  Be yourself.  Hold hands with your partner.
  • Flip open the bulletin to see what comes next.  You can participate by singing with us and by reading the words in bold.  
  • Our service usually starts with everyone standing and singing the first hymn or song listed in the bulletin, so you can be ready by opening the black book in the rack to the number of the first hymn listed in the book.  Yes, it’s complicated, but it gets easier with practice.
  • End with a greeting by the pastors as you exit, a hug too if you want!
  • Follow the crowd over to our Fellowship Hall and enjoy some light refreshments and meet people.

If you want or need more information, contact us.  We look forward to seeing you!